Gay adolescent child inquiring if he will come with a sleepover together with his friend.

Need to consider you would probably actually ponder over it should they were male/ feminine and straight so I would likewise talk about no. I understand the reasons you feel irritating whether you think he fancies the guy or not as it does feel mean not to allow him sleepovers (and now you’re in the tricky situation of approving sleepovers based on )

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@Rhymerocket. This is why now I am therefore unsettled it to be so inappropriate by it, and think. I might check always with the young men other moms and dads to view when it was o.k, as I have done using my younger sons friends folks when he has already established sleepovers.

If the son expected me if he may have his or her friend on to do ‘stuff’ in the confidentiality of his own space, it could be a definate non, but I don’t know that it is exactly what he or she wishes for sure. Perhaps i am unsuspecting inside the harsh as the ex indicates. I have found it very tough to think about my personal kid in this way, nothing to carry out it would make no difference either way with him liking boys instead of girls. I guess i’ve got a tough time with him maturing.

Well i kinda go along with your own DH, but also becasue associated with the period of all of them id declare rooms that are separate or guy. Maybe welcome the chap to get a dinner so he or she can feel welcome plus your son realizes you recognize the circumstance and the place condition of for the reason that age.

It needs to be tough you wouldn’t want to state he or s he fancies every guy mainly because you don’t want him having 15 year old boy friend s staying either just ask him because he is gay but you don’t want to let it go

No moms and dad wants to think about their children stuff that is doing learn they generally do and that I know you’ll find liberal parents who don’t notice but im like you and don’t wish to remember 15yr old dds with men

Many thanks for the thoughts everyone else, they are very much appreciated. And also they reaffirm my own thoughts that are own this, particularly when I have spoken to my own sons Father once again.

You will find expected him if he is aware for certain if the lad in question is basically our personal sons real date. They stated that he or she is that he knows with 100% certainty! After I expected exactly how he understands, he or she informed me personally which our daughter informed him or her, although he also stated that he or she failed to should be instructed as it ended up being therefore evident. I asked how extremely, in which he responded. “themselves lingo!” By all reports while they are at his Dads they. So I quote my favorite ex. “They hang away each other, carry arms, hug, or maybe hug if they feel not one person is seeing all of them, but they aren’t that troubled if we see them. ” helps make myself pleased that he will have to reveal an area with his sibling as he is his Dads if I’m straightforward.

It is difficult taking all of this in, but I am just pleased that my favorite boy features someone, and in addition that he has a father that he or she seems he will show themselves when in front of without being evaluated.

Over a purely self-centered note. I will be troubled which he feels he cannot behave in the same manner around myself, his mother. This lad has been around our house numerous moments, he is a good kid, but up until I just wouldn’t normally have actually believed him or her any dissimilar to my favorite sons various other friends. There have been no “body words” between them around myself, and I also just suspected something as I overheard some thing between two of our guys female friends.

Therefore not only really does he believe that he or she cannot inform me he’s a sweetheart, he also seems which he may need to affect the full method he or she acts as he is his own house. We have asked his father not to communicate with him or her concerning this currently. I’m about this stuff that it is time to try harder to connect with him myself.

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