T ips for identifying whenever a U.S. postcard would be posted. Publisher’s numbering scheme .

Provider: a great deal of the belongings in these advice comprise excerpted with license from the Beginner’s self-help guide to the activity of Postcard accumulating, The Capital of Texas Postcard Club. Thanks a lot and to Chuck Harbert; and also to Nina Webber, whoever generously donated postcards can be used for the cases for this web page. Published by Todd Ellison, licensed Archivist (finally edited 8/7/2006)

Manager’s numbering scheme

Pioneer days (1893-1898) although world’s very first photograph postcards meeting through the 1860s with the mid-1870s, the majority of the oldest American image postcards extant right are the types that had been obtainable right at the industry Columbian a

“good printed playing cards were generated produced by the photogravure system. Simply hard to determine from genuine picture but frequently have no sleek surface of photos. The Laura Gilpin notes of Mesa Verde and Silverton are superb instances of the photogravure procedures.” (Origin: Chuck Harbert, e-mail on the author, 8/7/06)

Because postage:

One easy method to mimic any time a postcard would be sent when the cancellation meeting is definitely unreadable is know the changes in charges for sending postcards. The following table is derived from old studies regarding the united states of america: colonial time to 1970, and Statistical theoretical.

*The postcard rates had been increasing from 1 penny to 2 dollars as a wartime assess. When globe fight we finished to the end of 1918, the rate would be lowered to the pre-War standard of one penny. Allmer countries (p. 17) that postage was raised temporarily from 1 dime to 2 dollars in 1917-1919 as well as in 1925-1928; the absolute raise to 2 cents was a student in 1951.

**The U.S. profit (price aboard) over-estimated income wants in 1974 and was actually expected to lessen shipping rates in 1975.

Because author’s numbering plan:

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